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For years I've been fooling around with PC's of one type or another. I bought my first one in 1983, when I was stationed at NSGA Augsburg Germany. It was a TI-99/4a. I got to fool around with basic programming and it kept me occupied, but it wasn't very useful for any practical purpose.

Since then, I've had Commodore and Windoze computers before graduating to Macintosh about 10 years ago. I now use Macs for almost everything.

This website is a result of my dabbling around with the computer. I get to share my interests with others. This is not my only website creation. I also donate my time on a few websites for Veterans, such as the official
Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans Memorial, located in Worcester.

Aerial Photography

I have recently started taking aerial photos using an RC quad copter. If you wish to have photos of your business or property, contact me.