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I'm not old enough to remember when radio shows were the prime form of entertainment media in the livingroom. However, I have sat by the radio for hours listening to recordings of old radio programs on the Armed Forces Radio Network when I was stationed in Rota Spain in the 1970's.

Since leaving Spain, I only caught a show here and there until the advent of the internet. Fortunately, many others share my love for these shows and had the foresight to digitize and make the recordings available for others to hear. So here is my chance to further share these recordings for you to enjoy. I would have to say that Jack Benny is my all-time favorite radio comedian. It was consistently funny throughout it's long run. Other favorites include Burns and Allen, and Phil Harris/Alice Faye.

Many of the earlier recordings are poor in quality, having been recorded off of old records. Think of it as a scar in fine leather. Later recordings are quite nice.

I hope a few people find this page and sit back and listen for awhile.
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I have thousands of programs that I can add. If you have a program you would like to see listed, please send me a note. I do not use advertising and only do this with my own funds. If you would like to help, please consider donating below. Otherwise, listen for free!

To listen to the programs, select from the following:

If you'd like to hear some old classic radio commercials, jump right in!
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The First Show - 5/2/1932
Outstanding Achievements of Review - 1/1/1933
Bertha the Sewing Machine Girl - 1/22/1933
She Done Him Right - 3/31/1933
Guest Edward G. Robinson - 4/21/1933
Who Killed Mr. X? - 6/9/1933
Mary's Birthday - 6/23/1933
Uncle Tom's Cabin - 12/10/1933
Miniature Women - 2/11/1934
Dont Live Right - 2/18/1934
My Life As a Floorwalker - 2/25/1934
From Waukegan Illinois - 6/25/1939
Introducing Dennis Day - 10/8/1939
Dennis' Mother Interferes with the Show - 10/15/1939
Stanley and Livingtone - 10/22/1939
Masquerade Party - 10/29/1939
The Women - 11/5/1939
Jack Has a Toothache - 11/12/1939
Jack Discovers He Bought an Ostrich for Thanksgiving - 11/19/1939
Jack Goes Duck Hunting - 11/26/1939
Football Murder Mystery Part One - 12/10/1939
Football Murder Mystery Part Two - 12/10/1939
Christmas Shopping East Coast - 12/17/1939
Christmas Shopping West Coast - 12/17/1939
Christmas Open House at Jack's - 12/24/1939
No Date for Jack - 12/31/1939
Golden Boy - 1/7/1940
Intermezzo - 1/14/1940
Gladys Zybisco Discussed - 1/21/1940
Murder on the Bridge - 1/28/1940
Leaving for Yosemite - 2/4/1940
Arriving at Yosemite - 2/11/1940
Skiing at Yosemite - 2/18/1940
Birthday Party for Jack, Who's Recovering... - 2/25/1940
Gracie Allen for President - 3/3/1940
Mr. Benny Goes to Washington - 3/10/1940
Hunchback of Notre Dame with Orson Welles - 3/17/1940
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - 3/17/1940
Trailer on Pinocchio - 3/24/1940
Pinocchio - 3/31/1940
Jack Revives Buck Benny After Three Years - 4/7/1940
Preparing to Go to New York - 4/14/1940
From the Ritz Theater NY - 4/21/1940
Buck Benny at the Paramount Theater - 4/28/1940
Clown Hall Tonight - 5/5/1940
Returns on a TWA Plane - 5/12/1940
Northwest Passage - 5/19/1940
Mr. Mortimer's Party - 5/26/1940
Hillbilly Feud - 6/2/1940
Vacation Plans - 6/9/1940
Fathers' Day - 6/16/1940
Jack Tell His Childhood Story - 10/6/1940
Phil Tries to Collect a World Series Bet - 10/13/1940
Jack Tries to Trade In the Maxwell - 10/20/1940
Hold That Line - 10/27/1940
Dog Catcher of Beverly Hills - 11/10/1940
Jack Waits to See a Movie Director - 11/17/1940
Jack is Held Up On His Way to Don's House - 11/24/1940
Don is Mad and Walks Out - 12/8/1940
From the Ritz Hotel in New York - 12/15/1940
Christmas Shopping - 12/22/1940
Christmas Gift Exchange - 1/5/1941
Jack is Late with No Script - 1/12/1941
City of Conquest - 1/19/1941
Herbert Marshall Hosts the Show - 2/2/1941
The Sponsor likes Herbert Marshall - 2/9/1941
Surprise Birthday Party - 2/16/1941
Teepee Hotel - 2/23/1941
Climb to Taquitz Falls - 3/2/1941
Murder at the Racquet Club - 3/9/1941
Palm Springs Prices - 3/16/1941
Tobacco Road - 3/23/1941
Jack Works in his Garden - 3/30/1941
Quiz Kids Versus Jell-O Kids - 4/6/1941
Jack Prepares for Appearance on the Quiz Kid - 4/13/1941
Jack's Upset About his Appearance on the Quiz Kid - 4/20/1941
Murder at the Movies - 4/27/1941
NBC Tribute to Jack's Tenth Anniversary - 5/11/1941
Charlie's Aunt - 5/18/1941
The Life of Philbert Harris - 5/25/1941
From San Diego Naval Base - 6/1/1941
From New York - 10/5/1941
Columbus Day - 10/12/1941
Train to L.A. - 10/19/1941
Dive Bomber - 10/26/1941
Halloween Celebration - 11/2/1941
Football Game - 11/9/1941
He Fumbled the Ball - 11/16/1941
Thanksgiving Day Dinner - 11/23/1941
Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde Part one - 11/30/1941
Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde Part two - 12/7/1941
Jack Buys Dennis a Bird on a Stick - 12/14/1941
Jack Talks about a Christmas Party He Gave - 12/28/1941
New Years Eve Party at the Biltmore Bowl - 1/4/1942
From March Field - 1/11/1942
Carole Lombards Death Show is without Jack - 1/18/1942
The Frightwig Murder Case, Part One - 1/25/1942
The Frightwig Murder Case, Part Two - 2/1/1942
Jack is Upset Because Fred Allen Has Moved - 2/8/1942
Jack Can't Get a Date on His Birthday - 2/15/1942
At the San Francisco Presidio - 2/22/1942
Jack Starts a Campaign for an Oscar - 3/1/1942
From San Diego Marine Base - 3/8/1942
Jack Talks About Lending Fred Allen Ten Dollars - 3/15/1942
Jack Plants a Victory Garden and Plays Golf - 3/22/1942
Doc Benny's Minstrel Show - 3/29/1942
Don's Commercial - 4/5/1942
Try and Get It. - 4/12/1942
Don's Play - 4/19/1942
Jack Hawkins' Revenge - 4/26/1942
Jack Imitates Fred Allen - 5/17/1942
Cavalcade of Last Eight Years for Jello - 5/31/1942
Jack Rounds Up the Gang in the Maxwell - 10/4/1942
Jack Takes Two Cadets to Barbara Stanwyck's - 10/11/1942
Jack Gives the Maxwell for Scrap - 10/18/1942
Tales of Manhattan - 10/25/1942
Jack and Phil Go Target Shooting - 11/1/1942
The Twink Family, Part One - 11/8/1942
The Twink Family, Part Two - 11/15/1942
George Washington Slept Here Premier - 11/22/1942
Going After Rommel - 11/29/1942
Liberty Ship - 12/6/1942
From New York - 12/13/1942
George Washington Slept Here - 12/20/1942
New Years Eve Skit - 12/27/1942
Bear Hunting - 1/3/1943
The 64 Dollar Question - 1/10/1943
Spoof on Information Please - 1/17/1943
Mr. Benny Goes to Washington - 1/24/1943
From Quantico Virginia - 1/31/1943
Jack is Late for the Program - 2/7/1943
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