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I'm not old enough to remember when radio shows were the prime form of entertainment media in the livingroom. However, I have sat by the radio for hours listening to recordings of old radio programs on the Armed Forces Radio Network when I was stationed in Rota Spain in the 1970's.

Since leaving Spain, I only caught a show here and there until the advent of the internet. Fortunately, many others share my love for these shows and had the foresight to digitize and make the recordings available for others to hear. So here is my chance to further share these recordings for you to enjoy. I would have to say that Jack Benny is my all-time favorite radio comedian. It was consistently funny throughout it's long run. Other favorites include Burns and Allen, and Phil Harris/Alice Faye.

Many of the earlier recordings are poor in quality, having been recorded off of old records. Think of it as a scar in fine leather. Later recordings are quite nice.

I hope a few people find this page and sit back and listen for awhile.
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