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Graduation Day
More accurately, "About Traj". I was born in a log cabin that I helped my father build. Okay, this isn't a long-winded biography. Let's just hit the highlights (or lowlights, depending on your view).
I come from Northbridge Massachusetts, the youngest of
3 boys. I went through the Northbridge school system until high school, where I attended Blackstone Valley Regional Vocation Technical High School. Attending Valley Tech as we called it, turned out to be good for me as I wasn't the most studious kid in town. I was in the Graphic Arts department where I learned the printing trade, but more importantly, where I made several life-long friendships. It was during my sophomore year that I began dating my future wife Joan. We had attended Grammar School together, but didn't really know much about each other.

1959 Beetle
It was also about that time that I got my drivers license and the other love of my life: the Volkswagen Beetle. This picture shows the 1959 that I acquired from a classmate for about $100 worth of darkroom equipment. My mother drove me to nearby Millbury to pick it up. I learned how to drive the standard shift on my way back home that day. It had little heat and a fan belt that wore out every 100 miles. It wasn't until I found that it had the wrong generator pulley on it, that the problem was solved. Even with those problems, I was hooked on Volkswagen, even to this day.

Moving On

Joan and I were married in 1974 and it was not too long after that, I went into the Navy. That was something that I'll never regret. We stayed together throughout the time I was in. We spent most of time in Europe. Our kids were born in Rota, Spain. We spent 4 great years in Augsburg, Germany and ended up in Edzell, Scotland before getting out 1988.
Today, we live in Woonsocket, RI. Our kids are grown and have moved on. They live close by. We have 2
grandkids now, with a 3rd on the way.

The Chord.

The guitar that you hear on the home page is the first chord heard on Jethro Tull's My God from the Aqualung album. I wanted a simple musical greeting to the website. Not something that would make someone scramble for the mute button. I hope this selection suits the purpose.
Jethro Tull is the first band that I had seen live. It was in 1973 at the Boston Garden when they performed A Passion Play. I have seen the band several times since, including an intimate venue at the Edinburgh Playhouse.